Title Headgear Gel World Full Face Training Review

title headgear gel world full face training red

With all the controversy surrounding newer research concerning the long term effects of repeated concussions from contact sports like football, it’s time for boxers to make their neurological health a priority.

While professional football level hits have been proven to be more damaging, the repeated lighter impact still affects the human brain quite a bit.

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Protect Your Noggin With Title Gel World Headgear

Also, nose and facial bone breaks are also very common boxing injuries. Which would obviously rather be avoided, if not for the potential shock on the brain than for cosmetic reasons.

If you are engaging in regular sparring sessions, one of the best investments you could make would be in a quality piece of head protection.

Like maybe the Title Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear.

Title has been producing popular boxing and mixed martial arts equipment since the early 2000’s.

And this piece of headgear is no exception.

Padding and Protection

They have paid a special amount of attention to gel lining technology both in their gloves and their protective equipment. And the gel lining coupled with multi-layered, sleekly designed foam padding.

This padding fully covers the cheeks, forehead, jaw, ears and the back of the head.

This is providing full and effective protection. The rear-entry design with a velcro closure ensure make for an easy on-and-off experience. Also the elastic makes custom adjustments for the user’s’ head size a breeze.

There are a few common problems regularly plaguing most mass-produced sets of headgear. Such as the title headgear slipping around the head during training and the padding not providing quality protection. While most users were very satisfied with this product, there have been a few complaints.

Title claims that the product is constructed with real leather. But a few negative reviews claimed that it felt cheaper, almost vinyl-like. Also, the shape and level of protection may be exaggerated by the manufacturer.

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Size and Price

On the topic of head size, the Gel World Full-Face gear comes in two different sizes. So it caters to a variety of shapes and sizes of fighters.

The genuine leather exterior comes in red and black. So the wearer can decide if they would like to stand out in the gym or be a little more subtle. With all this protection packed in a compact, fifteen ounce design, this headgear could make an excellent and lightweight addition to many gear bags everywhere.

A few boxers complained that the size guide was inaccurate.

Also that the title headgear will slide around during sparring and can cause obstruction of vision. Be that as it may, constructing headgear that fits every fighter’s lifestyle is not a fair expectation. Or else there wouldn’t be so many different products available.

Some gears are very expensive and some are surprisingly cheap.  More money doesn’t always mean higher quality but often, that is the case. With headgear what you want is a good amount of quality. But in most cases you don’t need a professional quality gear.

With a price point around 80$-85$ the Title Gel World Headgear is a good compromise between price and good specifications.

title headgear size chart

Overview of Customer Reviews

Most consumers that have tried this product, a whopping eighty-seven percent, were very satisfied with this specific piece of headgear. Other users have claimed that the protection is substantial and that the product is perfect for light, supervised sparring.

One Amazon review even claimed “you can’t even feel the punches”, and that this set of gear is optimal for protecting from broken noses and shots to the jaw.

Another claimed that their set has lasted them two years, which is a great testament to the quality and integrity of the gear.

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For whom is made this Headgear ?

So, who is the Title Full Face Gel-World headgear going to be the best fit for?

Turns out, even though Title claims that this multipurpose gear is optimal for sparring, that may not be the case.

Though the gel lining and padding do provide some protection, more experienced boxers will probably require a little more since the hits they will be taking are likely to be stronger, harder and more finessed.

Boxer’s newer to sparring would probably be the best market for this product.

So if you are just starting or joining a fight team this would be a good choice for you. Also, since the Gel-World Title Headgear has been known to last a long time, this set can grow and improve with you as you advance in your boxing journey.

Conclusion of the Title Headgear Gel World Full Face Training

In conclusion, as long as the user of this product is honest with themselves about the level of sparring they are partaking in, and power behind the punches they’re taking, this product has the potential to be a great fit.

With so many satisfied users, it is a safe bet that the Title Headgear would be a good investment for anyone looking to advance as a boxer by stepping in the ring.

So, when you’re ready to start sparring, or if the worn-down gear in your gym isn’t making the cut, definitely give this well-constructed, affordable headgear a try.

Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves Review

Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis boxing gloves red

Hayabusa boxing gloves has earned their reputation in the worldwide fighting community for possessing an unwavering commitment to superiority, since they began.

The term itself, Hayabusa, translates from Japanese to mean “peregrine falcon”.

And as a company they have strived to earn and maintain the trust of combat athletes around the globe with similar attributes. Speed, power and strength.

Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis boxing gloves banner

Let Those Fists Fly with Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Gloves

Hayabusa “spirit of the fighter” philosophy emphasizes honor, respect and tradition influences the design and construction of each of their products.

These powerful fundamentals have brought about the creation of the Tokushu Regenesis gloves.

Padding and Protection

The gloves are padded with Hayabusa’s Cush-Zone complex. It is a multi-leveled padding which improves energy force transfer and dispersion by over sixty percent.

The innovative SweatX thumb is an attached thumb designed with soft microfiber suede on the outside. It will wipe away your sweat during the most intense training sessions.

The ergonomic thumb positioning prevents wrist or thumb staring to keep your strikers strong and comfortable.

Gloves have a thick, velcro-closure straps aide in support as well. In University tests, the straps demonstrated the superiority of their design in guarding against harmful flexion, extension and twisting.

Consequently this ensures strikes can be thrown with maximum power. Without risking injury to the wearer.

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Quality and Comfort

Tokushu actually roughly translates to mean “unique”. And it is the perfect way to describe these best boxing gloves.

Built with Vylar-2 engineered leather, which has been proven to outperform standard leather, these Hayabusa boxing gloves are strong and durable. They will never crack or fade.

In addition, trademarked Hayabusa fusion-splinting along the back has been clinically proven to keep the hand, wrist and arm in perfect alignment.

Also, AG Interior fabric is designed with temperature control in mind. Silver-ion based antimicrobial technology improves ventilation and breathability while also controlling odor.

Style and Size

These incredible Hayabusa boxing gloves come in 8 different colors. Weigh goes anywhere from 10 to 16 ounces depending on wearer preference and training style.

Seems like at only $120 for a pair, these gloves mix value with quality in an attractive and effective way.

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Overview of Customer Reviews

Obviously, these best boxing gloves boast quite a list of features. But you may be wondering, what are their downfalls?

Positive Reviews

Turns out, there are indeed a few. The way these gloves are constructed, they are built for durability.

Most of all, this is an excellent set of boxing gloves with over 90% of the reviews being very positive.

Many of these praised the light, flexible and balanced protection that these gloves provide. Surprisingly, many of the positive reviews actually disagree about the sweat-wiper thumb. They claim that it is actually a great feature and very beneficial.

Also, the shock disbursement is mentioned as an important feature. That is key in keeping you sparring partner safe.

The Hayabusa boxing gloves have been described as “being like pillows without the bulk”. That is an apt description for these beautiful float-like-a-butterfly gloves.

Also they have a surprising number of five-star reviews from women who claims that the compact interior was a perfect fit for smaller hands. Also the lightness makes a huge impact on their training with no forearm or wrist pain. This is definitely a plus.

Negative Reviews

However, the biggest complaint said the support may not be quite as helpful as it was meant to be.

Several unhappy customers griped that the separation between the fist and thumb cause hand and wrist soreness problems. This awkward hand position was described as uncomfortable, potentially unsafe. In one word, not an easy thing to get used to.

Also, the grip bar is a little lower, which many have claimed makes it harder to make a tight fist.

Another negative review claimed that the suede attached to the thumb was a bad idea. Saying that the suede begins to smell if actually used for a while and that a towel works just fine if you really need to wipe sweat.

Another common criticism had less to do with these gloves specifically, but with Hayabusa boxing gloves in general. Apparently the double-strap wrist closure is a hassle. Therefore it makes these gloves a chore to get on and take off with or without wrapped hands.

Conclusion of the Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves

In conclusion, Hayabusa does a lot of their production and design for the cream-of-the-crop martial artists. There integrity seems to come through on the Fightwear Tokushu gloves by Hayabusa.

They would be great for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. The production of this unique glove has has made for a large, happy-handed crowd of pleased fighters.

As long as you are comfortable with the double wrist closure and rigid hand-alignment and aware that these high-end gloves will fit and feel a little bit different, these are definitely one of the best boxing gloves on the market.

Twins Special Boxing Gloves Review


In 1992 a company was formed, Twins Special Co. Ltd, with one main objective: to produce, sell and export world-class Thai boxing equipment.

Twins Special boxing gloves have established themselves in the fight game by receiving the approval of boxing, Muay Thai and mixed-martial-arts communities around the globe.


Put Up Your Dukes with Twins Special Boxing Gloves

Thanks to their superior design and craftsmanship, along with high standards for materials used in production, it comes as no surprise that Twins is the leading exporter of Thai boxing gear to the world market.

In fact, they were even recently granted an award from AIBA Technical University in Berlin. The first award of it’s kind, for outstanding protective quality of there best boxing gloves.

Sounds like they have some pretty big shoes to fill, no?

The best gyms have been known to feature Twins BGVL-3 Boxing Gloves because experienced trainers trust Twins quality. But do they live up to the big Twins name?

Padding and Protection

Crafted from the best materials and constructed with care in Thailand at the Twins Special Factory, these genuine leather gloves are made to endure years of use in any of the toughest Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA gyms anywhere.

Inside this Muay Thai glove, multi-layer foams padding absorbs the shock of impact, keeping your hands, knuckles, and wrists safer.

The skillfully-shaped foam is designed with support in mind as you throw your hardest punches.

Whether you are sparring, training, or in competition, the padded strap closures on these top-selling Twins Special Boxing Gloves will provide excellent bracing for the wrist. As well the quality velcro will maintain its hold and security for years.

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Quality and Comfort

Plus, you could claim a pair of Twins Special Boxing Gloves for yourself for around $70. So, compared to other best boxing gloves of similar quality, the Twins Specials are a steal.

All these noteworthy features, held together with tight, tough seams, create an all-around exceptional glove that seems worth a try.

However gloves that sound good and muay thai gloves that work well are not always one and the same. Are these gloves too good to be true? Fortunately, that does not seem to be the case.

Between the competitive price point and reputation for quality, these gloves are flying off the shelves. And all those happy customers keep running back to write raving reviews.

Style and Size

Weighing in anywhere from 6 to 18 ounces, depending on user preference and training needs, these Twins Special boxing gloves are truly a well-built piece of gear.

They come in 10 different colors ranging from classic black to neon green and metallic silver. So you can personalize your workout style.

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Overview of Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

With over 170 positive reviews on Amazon, these do appear to be some of the best boxing gloves available on the market today.

Approving reviews boasted that these gloves were secure in build and durable. They holding up round after round even with frequent use. Also, many satisfied users were thrilled with the “over” padding of these gloves. Especially the subsequent lack of sore hands!

This puffy padding is an asset for sparring as well. Indeed, softer gloves mean the punches you are throwing hurt your partner less, ensuring that they actually want to stay your partner!

The wide padding and snug interior fit are also big crowd favorites. It definitely makes for a different, intense workout and broader, more effective striking. So you’ve got precise control of a big ol’ fist.

One comedic review, titled Straight Upper Cutting Monkeys, claims “Once you put them on, you black out and wake up in a Thailand back street kick boxing match with Jean Claude Van Dam just messing some dudes up. Only recommended for the coolest of people!”

Negative Reviews

Even with so much raving and positive attention, there always has to be a catch doesn’t there?

In this case, that catch may just be a minor manufacturing error.

Most of the few available negative reviews seemed to speak along the same lines. And said that the Twins Special boxing gloves were somewhat mismatched.

Dissatisfied customers complained that the right gloves had a misshapen or “sloped” padding that caused knuckle pain on the first and second knuckles.

One even stated, “They feel like two different gloves when you put them on.”

Aside from those, and the occasional personal-preference based reviews on the size and such, the only other real complaint seems to be the expansive padding. It can prove troublesome when trying to slip an opponent’s guard due to the exterior size.

Conclusion of the Twins Special Boxing Gloves

Chances are you are aware of your needs as a fighter. And thankfully these best boxing gloves cater to a wide range of fighters.

Be it size, weight, or style these gloves are likely a good fit for you and your training requirements.

Though there is a minute chance that your gloves may not be absolutely perfect, and those reviews only make up less than 5% of the online opinion, then Twins Special BGVL-3 Boxing Gloves will probably make a great addition to your gear bag.

Cleto Reyes Official Fight Boxing Gloves Review

cleto reyes boxing gloves official fight mexico

Cleto Reyes is one of the most esteemed names in boxing, elaborating some of the best boxing gloves with the highest quality available. The mexican-styled designs that present slight fist padding make the Cleto Reyes boxing gloves one of the most identifiable brands on the market.

cleto reyes boxing gloves official fight banner

A Little Cleto Reyes History

Cleto Reyes Castro, born in Mexico City during the post-revolutionary period, fell in love with boxing as a young boy. Seeing as the Peralvillo Cozumel Arena was across the street from his house, this is not a big surprise. He was forced to drop out of school and work in a saddlery that manufactured baseball equipment. At eighteen, he had and won his first amateur fight, his performance so exceptional that the crowd showered him with coins.

However, he quickly decided that it was not a beating he was willing to keep taking. So he used his honed leather-work and mending skills to repair the gloves he had busted up in the fight. And then begin a career manufacturing boxing gloves.
With that much heart and culture imbedded into the design and production, it is no wonder these gloves are the choice of big names like Manny Pacquiao. He took Cleto Reyes Official Fight Boxing Gloves up against the legendary Floyd Mayweather. So how good are they really?

Padding and Protection

With the reputation of “the most recognized professional fight glove in the game”, the Cleto Reyes boxing gloves feature a sleek Mexican design that keeps true to their proud heritage. The goatskin leather makes for a solid, lasting glove, held together by precision stitching for a no-nonsense exterior. The water-resistant nylon interior prevents sweat from seeping into the padding, preventing smell issues and padding disintegration.

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Quality and Comfort

Champions around the world prefer them because of the traditional sleek design, which aides in accuracy and precision with each strike. The attached thumb not only aides in support, but also prevents injury for both the thumb and the opponent’s eye. Also the extra long laces ensure flexibility, security and wrist protection while you are fighting, when it matters most.

Not only are these Cleto Reyes boxing gloves brilliantly constructed, but are approved by the most important organizations for use in champion boxing fights. It is no wonder they are so popular and widely used across five continents.

Style and Size

Available in either 8 or 10 ounces, the gloves are a viable option for fighters in each and every weight class. Since they come in 16 different colors, including fun ones like flag designs, style definitely isn’t sacrificed for functionality. These Cleto Reyes boxing gloves may be considered pricey at about a 170 $.

But it’s important for any potential customer to know that these gloves are some of the best available. They have some of the highest quality materials and strictly enforced quality standards throughout the production process.

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For whom are made these gloves ?

Now, before you fall in love with these gloves, you need to establish how well they would be suited for you. Every fighter is different, will these be a good fit for your boxing habits? The answer is probably yes, as long as you are gearing up for an actual fight.

These gloves are so well-built, they are practically a work of art. However, the light weight and lace-up closure doesn’t make them practical for working solo or on a heavy bag. The fit has been described as so good it is like “having a second set of knuckles”. But the compact, airy protection will not serve one’s knuckles all that well with repetitive motion against a solid surface.

There is also a version of this glove lined with Safetec foam that were designed to develop speed. This version is the same weight, but the foam makes them ideal for focus mitt work. The classic Cleto Reyes Official Fight Boxing Gloves however, are designed purely and simply for the actual fight. So beginners beware, probably hold off on these for a little while until you’re ready to step in the ring.

Advanced fighters, lace these up and get ready for battle!

Overview of Customer Reviews

It’s definitely a challenge to fault these great gloves. In fact, the reviews from previous or current users are overwhelmingly positive. There wasn’t a single negative review about the quality, durability or fit on any of six different platforms that sell these gloves. Also, almost every satisfied customer mentioned that the gloves were great “as expected”. This is a testament to the true integrity of Cleto Reyes and the massive base of repeat customers they have built. A specific five-star Amazon review reads, “If fighting is your life, buy these gloves!”

Conclusion of the Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

Clearly, this product stays true to the exceptional standards Cleto Reyes has set for themselves on a global scale. With that being said these gloves may not be suited for every boxing enthusiast. But those with dedication and passion for the sport would be smart to invest in a pair of one of the Best Boxing Gloves. Let their years of boxing and manufacturing expertise help you fight for the first time or finally claim that belt.

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Sparring Gloves Review

fairtex muay thai boxing gloves training sparring blue

Muay Thai is an ancient, traditional and beautiful martial art that has been practiced for centuries. Between the strikes, clenches and defensive moves, muay thai fighters, need to take special care of their bodies to avoid injuries. While there are many popular brands of fight equipment, Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves has been a fair contender in the martial arts community. One of their most popular products are the Muay Thai Training and Sparring Gloves BGV1.

fairtex muay thai boxing gloves bgv1

Padding and Protection

While they aren’t particularly popular with traditional fighters in Thailand, where the gloves are made, that is no comment on their quality as they are very popular with European and American martial arts enthusiasts.

These boxing gloves are built with quality and protection in mind, but manage to pull it off without sacrificing style. The Muay Thai Gloves are engineered with a contoured, tight­fitting hand compartment for a specially secure and snug fit. Thick velcro strap closures coupled with the compact fit makes for exceptional wrist protection and easy use.

The Fairtex Gloves foam system padding provides excellent shock disbursement for top notch hand and knuckle protection, without being too bulky. This particular pair ranges from 8 to 16 ounces, so customers can customize their level of hand defense. In fact, the boxing gloves have been described as being about seventy percent of the size of similar glove styles of the same weight produced from other brands by satisfied users.

Quality and Comfort

Because boxing gloves quality is so key in striking sports like Muay Thai, it’s important to note the hand­made genuine leather exterior construction. The superb material prevents splitting during training and helps the gloves last longer. With this in mind, the padding is ruining all the comfort. It is very firm and the break in process is too unwieldy. The most comfortable foam of the entire glove is the padding for your finger tips. If that foam was execute for the inner layer, the glove would have been somewhat more comfortable.

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Style and Size

Also, these Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves have the added bonus of coming in 22 different colors, which include a variety of unique and playful graphic designs. It goes from checkers to stars, there is even an especially cool American flag pattern. With the price point hovering around $80, these gloves definitely provide some good bang for your buck. Overall, Fairtex has managed to produce a fantastic all­purpose boxing glove.

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Overview of Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

So, fellow boxer, how can you know if these gloves are a good fit for you and your training needs? Let’s discuss the pros and cons.

It’s no question that the gloves are built with integrity in mind. The quality materials, from the genuine leather to the patented foam padding, ensure a long lasting glove, which is definitely important.

Also, being multi­purpose boxing gloves definitely gives this pair an edge, muay thai training is diverse and each aspect is significant. Having gloves that can hold up just as well on a heavy bag as they can in a sparring or pads session is a pleasant perk. It help reduce the amount of equipment to lug around in your boxing bag. Ease of use is an important feature as well, and with the thick velcro straps, securing your boxing gloves during training is a breeze. Definitely beats needing to rely on a coach or fellow trainer to lace you up.

Negative Reviews

Objectively, Fairtex built a great muay thai glove here. Be that as it may, no glove is a perfect glove. For instance, this boxing glove does have a special tight fitting hand compartment. So while they may work for women and fighters with smaller hands, those with some beefier fists may have a hard time wriggling into the gloves. Also, the secured thumb has proven problematic for opening the hand for clenches. So they may not be the best option for more advanced Muay Thai fighters.

However, there have been some complaints as well, including a lack of structural integrity. The most common complaint is that the moisture wicking fabric that lines the inside of the gloves has come apart or torn in some cases. Also that some of the exterior stitching has been reported to split and fray.

As mentioned before, no glove is perfect, but beginner to intermediate boxers would probably benefit most from these Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves. The wonderful blend of protection and lightness has shown to be best for bags and striking pad work.  Those interested in regular and intense sparring may want to consider something with a little more wiggle room to be able to extend the hands for clenches.

Conclusion of the Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Overall, this is one of the best boxing gloves who have had overwhelmingly positive reviews, with a 92% satisfaction rate . Many users of these Muay Thai gloves rave about the vividness of the color, the affordability, and the exceptional craftsmanship. One Amazon review by a boxing instructor, titled I Absolutely Love These Gloves, boasts their comfort, their design and claims “it doesn’t even feel like 16 oz. at the end of your arm.”

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Color Black Top View

Whether you’re new to the boxing world or a seasoned fighter, chances are you either know or understand the importance of quality equipment. Gloves are key, especially when it comes to keeping your hands, wrists and arms safe from the repetitive impact, and Venum is a big name in the industry. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are one of their most popular products, and rightfully so considering the level of quality for the price.


Padding and Protection

With the Elites you won’t miss out on any training due to an injury. The long and structured wrist design plus the convenient thumb attachments will help reduce the stress on your striking limbs to keep you safe and healthy.

These gloves boast Venum’s Skintex leather exterior, shock-absorbing triple density foam padding and strong seams, building the base for a durable boxing glove. In addition the mesh panel under the fist aids in thermal regulation and the reinforced palm maximizes absorption for a comfortable training session.

Large elastic Velcro straps make the gloves easy to put on and take off also the lengthened wrist cuffs and attached thumbs are great for injury prevention. If you prefer laces, you’re in luck. The Elites have two different closure options depending on your preference.

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Quality and Comfort

While the gloves are revered for their ease of use and comfort in daily training and bag work, many reviews also rave about the lightness and protection during sparring sessions. Some even brag that they can even be used comfortably without wraps.

Clearly, the gloves live up to the manufacturer’s high-quality claims. The Skintex leather is not disposed to friction and it is less likely to wear out quickly. Fighters can use them for a long time and they usually last better than some of the more expensive brands.

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Style and Size

With weights ranging from eight to sixteen ounces, the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are a versatile glove for a variety of training levels and needs. Great sleek design, flashy graphics and bright colors are very popular and there’s even pink, ladies! Check out the chart below in order to see the Venum’s boxing gloves sizes.


Overview of Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

When choosing a pair of boxing gloves, it is important to weigh the pros against the cons. Five star reviews are stacked up on Venum’s site as well as Amazon.

One definite pro is the price point, $79.99 is a very competitive price for a pair of quality gloves. Similar boxing gloves from Hayabusa, or other large fight brands, could put you out over a hundred bucks.

Plus, it is a fact that boxing is an intense sport. That’s why you love it, right? Satisfied customers have commented on the thumb design, claiming that the thumb is the perfect amount of attached, protective but also allows the wearer to secure the Velcro straps with ease.

Another big pro is the comfort; Venum went above and beyond to ensure that the fit of the gloves is top-notch. Fans of the Elites have even said it feels as though you are “one with the glove.” The manufacturer which is one of the best boxing gloves company around also promises a full refund within thirty days for anyone that isn’t totally pleased with the product.

Negative Reviews

One reason a boxer may not be thrilled with the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves has to do with personal taste. If you prefer a more classic, understated design than these gloves may not be for you, seeing as the design graphics are rather big and loud.

Some reviews also claim that, though the external structure is well done, the interior lining has been known to potentially come apart. Also, while many people were satisfied with the ventilation measures, some have claimed that they’re slow to dry out which can lead to some smell issues.

Due to the snug fit, there have also been a few complaints that they’re “too small” for fighters with large hands. Overall, though, the pros seem to outweigh the cons by a wide margin, with over a hundred eighty-one positive reviews on Amazon versus only five negatives.

Conclusion of the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

No boxing glove is perfect for everyone, which is why so many companies work to produce several different types of gloves for every type of fighter. Venum has made a name for themselves in the boxing community for their quality and reliability, and it seems that their integrity has been maintained with the production of the Elites.

In conclusion you could be a professional that spends hours in the ring sparring or a beginner perfecting your hits on the bag, no matter what the Elites have the potential to be a great fit for your training style. These soft yet sturdy gloves make for a comfortable, quality boxing experience and definitely deserve a spot in your gear bag.

So wrap those hands up, strap into your new Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, and go hit it hard!

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